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Our story starts from a humble beginning.


At Eastern Valley Butchers, everything is run personally up to this day. Our butcher shop is owned and run by a passionate butcher who wants to dedicate his craft to prepare and serve the finest quality beef for his customers.

We are very passionate about products as well as our customers. That’s why we prefer to do things personally. At our service, there’s no counter between the butcher and you giving you an interactive experience.



At Eastern Valley Butchers, we’d like you to have a choice.

We believe everybody should be able to enjoy quality beef, lamb, pork, poultry, or any meat for that matter. You don’t have to worry either if you don’t know which product to choose or how to prepare certain cuts, we’ll gladly guide you at every step and advise you on the best cut for your cooking needs or the best method to cook your selection.




Here at Eastern Valley Butchers, we ensure you to not only enjoy the best quality meat and BBQ but also to have the best eating experience.

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